An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Chiropractic Air Drop Table


Chiropractic Air Drop Table

Chiropractic Air Drop Table is operated by air no need to give a mechanical effort. In this table we can load the drop by just pressing foot press switch or push button.

This system is easy to operate and comfortable for female operating doctor and also easy for doctors to treat a heavy weight patient.

Special Features

Cervical With Doble Drop
Thoracic Drop
Lumber Drop
Pelvic Drop

Cushion With Double Layer Foam

The first laver has high density foam to give a firm base to assist with the drop technique and the secondary layer is thin soft foam to provide patient comfort.

Pressing Switch

Easy to load a drop by just pressing a switch.

Tensional Knob

Each drop tensional by knob

Foot Press Switch

Easy to load a repetitive drop by using foot pressing switch.

- Strong & stable construction
- Cervical with double drop system
- Regin color depends on doctor choice.
- Used professional medical actuator, low noise, stability and strong.
- Dimention: Length 70 inch, Width 28 inch, Height 22 to 30 inch adjustable.

Chiropractic Air Drop Table