An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Decompression Table


Decompression Table

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical revolutionary computer-aided technology that helps to treat the symptoms of low back and neck pain from herniated, bulging, degenerated and slipped discs.

A decompression table is a computerized technology to create negative intradiscal pressure in the spine.


Machine weight approx 250 kg (551 lbs)
Load capacity 150 kg (330 lbs)
Retracted Length: 78" - Extended Length: 96"
Retracted width: 30" -extended Width: 40"
Minimum height: 26" - maximum Height: 42"
Display height 46"

Candidate For Descompression Table

- Lumbar Spondylos
- Never Root Impingement
- Scoliosis Correction
- Sciatica
- Muscle Spasm
- Cervical Spondylosi
- Muscle Spasm
- Cervical Spondylosi

Standard Features

Colorful touch screen display

We are providing 10 inch colorful touch screen display for operating. It's smooth, easy to operate, advanced, convenient and durable.

Patient emergency switch

Patient safety always comes first. In case of emergency situation and sudden uncomfortable movement patient can stop quickly.

Pre-programmed lumbar and cervical decompression protocols

With 6 pre programmed decompression protocols, your table will be ready to treat a wide variety of conditions

Get Treatment Feedback in Real Time (live chart)

Using a precise load cell and feedback system, Display provides you with real time graphing of treatments and decompression force. Your table will continually measure and respond with time, load and angle.

Separate Lumbar angle set up

According to treatment and pain of patient need to set angle in lumbar spine as we provide one touch angle set up in display for both supine and prone. (Like 11-12, 12-13, 13-14, 14-15, and 15-s1)

Make Treatments Customizable

For difficult cases require advanced treatment, you also have the ability to create your own fully custo protocols to best meet the needs of your patients.

Our custom software allows for quick and easy fine tuning of:

Hold Time
Rest Time
Separate motor for lumber and cervical

The decompression table has separate lumbar and cervical motors that operate independently, so there is no need to change paitentent position when switching from cervical to lumbar. This saves time and increases efficiency.

Each cushion with Double layer Foam

The first layer has high density foam to give a firm base and the secondary layer is a thin soft foam to provide patient comfort.

Color Variety

Feel free in choosing color, According to demand we provide five color variety Blue, Grey, Black, Orange, Brown.

Manual Cirvical Flexion

Lateral Flexion In Lumbar & Thoracic

Automatic Lumbar Flexion

Cervical & Lumber Decompression

Spinal (cervical and lumber) decompression is the relief of pressure on the spine or on one or more compressed nerve roots passing through or existing spinal column.


It is a special feature in which Lumbar vertebrae are distracted according to desired amount. Distance can be maintained for desired time. In distraction position, side flexion and flexion extension possible.

Lateral Flexion Lock

Physiotherapist can lock side flexion at required angle and also able to do decompression at that position.

We Include The Following Accessory

Knee Pillow
Decompression Belting Set
Cervical Belt
Easy Fastening Buckle
Tissue Paper Attachment
Flexion Belt
Cervical Headpiece
Scoliosis (Optional)

Decompression Table